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Meet The Team

Natalie Ducastelle


Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I am passionate about creating safe, affirming, welcoming spaces in support of the mental health and well-being of sex workers and the people who love them. While I welcome folks from all walks of life into my practice, I am deeply dedicated to creating spaces where those in and peripheral to the industry can feel seen, heard, accepted and understood without the judgement and stigma so often encountered in the field of mental health support. My approach is holistic, trauma-informed, and rooted in mindfulness of present-moment experience.

Headshot of Natalie Ducastelle, a white cis female therapist with long brunette hair wearing a gray sweater and smiling in front of tall grasses

Sid George


Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I am energized by my work with clients that exist as queer, sex workers, ethically non-monogamous, kinky, or simply sex-inquisitive. I seek to provide a warm, affirming, and authentic therapeutic relationship. Therapy can often be challenging work that involves unlearning, processing difficult emotions and personal truths, and integrating new patterns in the "real world" outside of the comfort of the therapeutic environment. As a therapist, I lead with consent and curiosity, will embrace and celebrate all aspects of you, and offer you permission to show up as the fullest version of yourself. 

Headshot of Sid George, a queer black femme therapist with long dark braids, winged eyeliner and nosering wearing a white shirt and smiling in front of her giant monstera plant
Image by Zoltan Tasi

Join The Team

We are hiring qualified AMFTs, ASW,s or APCCs in the Bay Area who want to enter the world of private practice.

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