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Compassionate, authentic, feel-better therapy for individuals, couples, poly groups, and teens.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Tell me your story, you are welcome just as you are.

I am experienced in serving people from many walks of life, those who want to discover and grow, and those who seek relief from long-term mental health issues.  As a transpersonal and social justice therapist, I see the whole person within their larger community and context: mind-body-spirit and culture.  Typically, we will meet for 50 minutes once a week and may choose a different schedule that suits your needs.


  • Depression and anxiety, including low self-esteem, overwhelming emotions, suicidality, irritability, anger management, shame, and guilt

  • Deepening awareness into your true self and unearthing your life purpose

  • Sleeping issues

  • Relationship issues and setting healthy boundaries

  • Substance use

  • Hearing voices

  • Dissociation

  • Spirituality

  • Traumatic experiences and PTSD

  • Queer, lesbian, gay, pan or bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, non-binary and gender non-conforming people.  I am experienced in supporting people through the process of gender-confirming medical care and WPATH mental health referrals for surgery.

  • Performance artists managing the stress of production, collaboration, and growing your work

  • Activists and movement makers struggling with compassion fatigue and burn out.

Couples and Poly Relationships

Couples and Poly Relationships

Relationships today are tasked with fulfilling us in so many ways.  We want to have a rich sex life, deep emotional connection, a best friend, to feel supported in our daily struggles, and often create a home and family together. Relationship group meetings are typically 50 minutes, once a week, however we may decide together on a schedule that fits your needs. 


  • Couples that are negotiating boundaries, whether its opening up or focusing on just the two of you

  • Poly groups

  • Relationships in the midst of gender transition

  • Navigating the world of kink together

  • When trauma history impacts your capacity to be there for each other

  • Non-romantic relationships, such as Artistic Collaborators, Bands and Musicians, Business Partners, and Affinity Groups

  • Increasing communication skills to deepen your compassion and connection together

  • Managing difficult emotions with respect and love

Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Each person's gender journey is unique. There is truly no wrong way to have a gender and everyone's gender and sexuality changes over time. Perhaps you've felt like you didn't fit into your body and prescribed gender expectations since you were a toddler. Maybe you are just starting to question where your gender falls on the spectrum. Or did you transition many years ago and want a safe place to process other stuff in life that has little to do with gender (in that case, I recommend scrolling up here.)


Areas I support:

  • Writing pre-surgical assessments in accordance with WPATH standards of care

  • Exploring what gender and gender expression means to you

  • Creating space to come out to loved ones at your own pace

  • Understanding your sexuality within the context of a transitioning or fluid gender

  • Managing stress and trauma related to shame, stigma, microaggressions and harassment

  • Surfing feelings of loneliness and fear

  • Coping with post-surgical recovery

  • Strengthening relationships that are suffering during a gender transition

  • Identifying what elements of transition feel right for you and your gender

  • Navigating the world as a non-binary or gender non-conforming person

  • Reducing substance use in order to prepare for surgery


I have worked closely with STRIDE trans-health clinic, TransThrive at SF Community Health Center, and the Transgender Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP).  I consult with SF Dept of Public Health and SF Gender Health on making the pathway to gender affirming surgeries more accessible and am trained in WPATH Standards of Care. I identify as non-binary and acknowledge my daily access to cis privilege. My pronouns are They/Them.

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