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The Team


Sidney George



I am energized by my work with clients that exist as queer, sex workers, ethically non-monogamous, kinky, or simply sex-inquisitive. I seek to provide a warm, affirming, and authentic therapeutic relationship. Therapy can often be challenging work that involves unlearning, processing difficult emotions and personal truths, and integrating new patterns in the "real world" outside of the comfort of the therapeutic environment. As a therapist, I lead with consent and curiosity, will embrace and celebrate all aspects of you, and offer you permission to show up as the fullest version of yourself. 

Taylor Nunley



I enjoy working with clients who are people of color, queer, trans and nonbinary, entertainment industry professionals, or survivors of sexual assault. I believe that you are the expert on yourself and that my job is to hold space as you learn more about who that is. Sometimes, that may look like joy and shared laughter. Other times, it may be challenge and new perspective. Whatever it is will be specific to you, with your consent, and at your pace. I will show up as myself and hope to create a safe-enough space where you can do the same.


Alex Thompson



I feel energized working with clients who are Black, people of color, queer, trans and nonbinary, in interracial/intercultural relationships, or experiencing chronic illness/pain. As a therapist, I believe that your lived experience is important, and I will serve as a collaborator in helping you identify and reimagine what healing looks like for you. I understand that therapy can be intimidating, but I know it can also be quite rewarding. Therefore, I strive to create an affirming and compassionate environment where you feel seen, heard, accepted, and appreciated. I aim to show up authentically and genuinely in our space together, and I welcome you to do the same. 

Carina Hartley



I use a strengths-based, queer-affirming and trauma informed approach which centers resiliencies. Through shared collaboration and curiosity, I hope that you feel welcomed to explore deeper layers of your experience and experiment with new ways of being. 

I will approach our work together with curiosity, love, and joyful expression. It is from this space that I believe people can find who they are. I have a special place in my heart for supporting people through bisexual identity development, religious trauma, low self-esteem, anxiety, and those who are adult children of alcoholics. 

I want to hold space for the fluidity and complexity of who you are: whether that's about identity, gender, sexuality, relationship status, or anything else. 

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Natalie DuCastelle



I am passionate about creating safe, affirming, welcoming spaces in support of the mental health and well-being of sex workers and the people who love them. While I welcome folks from all walks of life into my practice, I am deeply dedicated to creating spaces where those in and peripheral to the industry can feel seen, heard, accepted and understood without the judgement and stigma so often encountered in the field of mental health support. My approach is holistic, trauma-informed, and rooted in mindfulness of present-moment experience.

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